Food for your brain

An intense mental work is no different from any other stresses. It might be wise to be respectful to your brain and feed it accordingly. Here what worked great for me.

  • Cortexin+Medivitan
    Cortexin is polypeptides of the cerebral cortex of cattle and Medivitan is a mixture of pyridoxine (b6), cyanocobalamin (b12) and folic acid (b9). Make an injection in each thigh once a week or on a stressful day;
  • MitoQ
    Antioxidant. Take once a week for a stable source of energy;
  • Modafinil
    Everyone knows this. Gives you a pump to workout an advanced math book in a day. Once a week is enough;
  • Anvifen
    Facilitates GABA-mediated transmissions. Makes you cool and focused;
  • Alpha GPC+Selank.

It’s important to moderate those and never mix them amongst themselves or with other drugs or alcohol. Drink a lot of water, sleep well, exercise a little bit several times a day to reduce the biological half-life.

I think most from that list is legal… in selected countries.

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